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What is sinusitis

  • You wake up in the morning sneezing your head off !
  • you wake up feeling tired wanting to go back to sleep , feeling heavy in the head !
  • You have heaviness in the head !
  • you have a constant nose block

you finally drag yourself to the doctor. After listening to your history of symptoms, examining your face and forehead, and perhaps doing a sinus X-ray, the doctor says you have sinusitis

What are sinuses?

  • Sinuses are hollow air spaces in the human body. When people say,"I'm having a sinus attack," they usually are referring to symptoms in one or more of four pairs of cavities, or sinuses,known as paranasal sinuses. These cavities, located within the skull or bones of the head surrounding the nose, include the: Frontal sinuses over the eyes in the brow area Maxillary sinuses inside each cheekbone Ethmoid sinuses just behind the bridge of the nose and between the eyes Sphenoid sinuses behind the ethmoids in the upper region of the nose and behind the eyes.
  • Each sinus has an opening into the nose for the free exchange of air and mucus, and each is joined with the nasal passages by a continuous mucous membrane lining. Therefore, anything that causes a swelling in the nose-an infection, an allergic reaction, or an immune reaction-also can affect the sinuses. Air trapped within a blocked sinus, along with pus or other secretions, may cause pressure on the sinus wall. The result is the sometimes intense pain of a sinus attack. Similarly, when air is prevented from entering a paranasal sinus by a swollen membrane at the opening, a vacuum can be created that also causes pain

What are the symptoms of sinusitis

  • The location of your sinus pain depends on which sinus is affected. Headache when you wake up in the morning is typical of a sinus problem. Pain your forehead over the frontal sinuses is touched may indicate that your frontal sinuses are inflamed.

Heaviness in the head while bending the head

  • Infection in the maxillary sinuses can cause your upper jaw and teeth to ache and your cheeks to become tender to the touch.Since the ethmoid sinuses are near the tear ducts in the corner of the eyes, inflammation of these cavities often causes swelling of the eyelids and tissues around your eyes, and pain between your eyes. Ethmoid inflammation also can cause tenderness when the sides of your nose are touched, a loss of smell, and a stuffy nose
  • Although the sphenoid sinuses are less frequently affected,infection in this area can cause earaches, neck pain, and deep aching at the top of your head.Most people with sinusitis, however, have pain or tenderness in several locations, and their symptoms usually do not clearly indicate which sinuses are inflamed

Other symptoms of sinusitis can include

  • Fever
  • Weakness
  • Tiredness
  • A cough that may be more severe at night
  • Runny nose or nasal congestion

Homeopathy and sinusitis

If you are reading this it is likely that you are suffering with sinusitis.What are your options?

  • Take frequent antibiotics every time you are affected with sinusitis
  • Surgical draining of the sinuses and hope it does not come back which in most cases does come back
  • Homoeopathiy is very effective in treating acute as well as chronic sinusitis. This treatment can be a boon for all those who are more prone to problems in the winters and often develop ailments such as sinusitis due to their sensitivity to cold. Homoeopathic remedies work both ways ? They are effective in relieving the symptoms of sinusitis and also preventing repeated attacks of sinusitis
  • In treating chronic sinusitis, homoeopathy also aims at strengthening the patients constitution and eradicating the underlying conditions such as sensitivity to cold air, nasal allergies and asthma which are often behind chronic sinusitis. Homoeopathy offers a safe and a natural treatment for sinusitis.
  • A great advantage that homoeopathic treatment offers along with the treatment of sinusitis is that it also strengthens your immune system, thereby preventing you from recurrent attacks