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Sciatica is a clincal condition where the pain begins in low back region and then radiates to one or both legs because of compression of nerve root i.e sciatic nerve emerging from lower back spine by a disc bulge


Most common cause of sciatica is disc which is present between the vertebrae of lower back gets bulged due to over strain of low back and thereby this disc bulge compresses the nerve root emerging from subsequent vertebrae


  • Mostly one experiences pain in low back region because of some injury or some degerative changes taking place in lower back spine , which occurs as normal aging process
  • If disc bulge is on left side then the side sciatic nerve gets compressed and thereby lead to lt leg pain and vice versa
  • Along the course of sciatic nerve the individual experiences pain ,numbness in thigh, legs ang feet


  • Doing regular exercises to strengthen back muscles
  • AVIOD lifting weights i.e l like lifting buckets, lifting kids etc .., and avoid bending forward, which usually aggravate back pain
  • Using belt to support backbone while travelling and while driving vehicle
  • Avoid Lying on bed which is uneven, so that muscle strains or spasm are minimized
  • Obese individuals are not advised to sit on floor ,so that strain on backbone is minimized

Homeopathic approach:

  • If you are reading this its likely that you are suffering with sciatica
  • What are your treatment options?
  • Be on pain killers and wait for the pain to subside and again when it comes back take painkillers
  • Surgical correction of the sciatica and hope that it does not recur which in most cased does reur
  • Homeopathy has wonderful remedies not only to treat sciatica but also to prevent recurrence
  • We have had patients coming to us in stretchers and we have been able to help them immensely
  • Homeopathy relieves the compression to the sciatic nerve and strengthens the muscles and ligaments around the spine,to prevent recurrence
  • Doing physiotherapy along with the medication helps to recover much faster