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It is skin disease of face which is mostly seen in women charachtrised by redness of skin, and pimple formation.
It commonly occur in skin where there are more oil secreting glands what we call as sebaceous glands eg face, upper part of chest and back


  • Usually occur in teenagers during adolescense where there are hormonal fluctuation like androgens and testesterone in both female and male. Thereafter acne dissapear on their own once hormonal fluctuation become normal i.e by age of 20 to 25.
  • Excessive intake of oily food , choclates is known to cause pimples


  • Itching , pain and discharge are main symptom who suffer with pimples
  • SCAR formation once the piple heal is another major symptom which have some psychological affect on all individual who suffer with pimple
  • PIGMENTATION of skin is another symptom who suffer with pimples

Avoid eating oily food.
Avoid eating choclates which has excessive amount of fat, which may predispose skin to develop acne

Homeopathic approach:

Ance is an age related problem and we have been over the last so many years treating numerous patients of Acne . we have been able to not only stop new ones from coming up but also been able to help patients get rid of the scars