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Hyper pigmentation is commonly known as brown spots. They are commonly found in people with dark skins and in Brunner's with olive complexions.Mostly seen in women more than men.
The dark spots often develop on the cheeks, forehead and upper lip. Pigments can be deposited superficially (epidermal) or deeper (dermal)


  • Excess Melanin pigmentation on skin
  • Genetic
  • Over exposure of the skin to the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun


  • Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Lentigines or liver spots
  • Ephelides or freckles
  • Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation are caused by acne,rash,scratch marks or an injury to the skin.
  • Melasma is also known as facial Chloasma or the mask of pregnancy.It is a tan or dark skin discolouration.It is caused by hormonal changes due to pregnancy,birth control pills and menopause.
  • Lentigines or liver spots are dark patches of different sizes seen in older individuals.Liver spots occur because of over exposure to sun.
  • Ephelides or freckles are small patches seen in young people with light complexioned skin.This happens in people who are prone to sun burns and over exposure to sun.


  • Sometimes we become too much conscious about our skin care and do repetitive cleansing and scrubbing.This results in blemishes.So instead of too much of cleaning,it is better to use a gentle and a mild cleanser a day
  • Day makeup should always be simple,instead of heavy makeup
  • You can choose an acne pad,to remove excessive oil and dirt
  • If skin is blemished, cleanse and moisturise the dry areas.
  • Do not ever start on experimenting with 4-5 products thinking that some magic will happen over night
  • Stressing your face will only make your skin prone to acne,as the oil glands will become more active and send more oil to the surface
  • Use broad spectrum UVB/UVA chemical sunscreen with SPF 30 to protect your skin.Do not forget to apply the sunscreen after every 2-3 hrs as the sunscreen effects for a limited period of time

Homeopathic Approach

Homeopathy has very good medicines for all types of hyperpigmentations. Depending upon the cause and type of pigmentation we give medicines.Homeopathic medicines increases the resistance and cure the cause of the problem thus preventing even recurrence of the problem.