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Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcer occurs within the mucous layer of mouth .It is a break in the skin or mucous membrane within the mouth.Mouth ulcers cause pain and discomfort while eating . They may occur single or multiple. Ulcers may take time to heal if there is secondary infection.


  1. Involuntary biting break the skin or mucous membrane of mouth, subsequently mouth ulcer may develop.
  2. INJURY because of heat and cold of food eg like microwave oven food usually cold externally but internally it may be hot, this hot food when immediately taken sometime may rupture the mucous lining in mouth and later may develop into an ulcer
  3. INFECTION by some bacteria lime mycobacterium tuberculosis etc may prolong the mouth ulcer symptoms
  4. Childrens infected with measels and chicken pox may develop mouth ulcer.
  5. Those with IBS [irritable bowel syndrome ] who suffer with digestion problem and diarrhoea, may develop mouth ulcers

Avoid eating spicy and acidic food

Homeopathic Approach

Homeopathic treatment of it can be a great help in stopping their recurrence. It can also help during the acute phase in reducing the pain and shortening the duration of ulcers.