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Menapausal Symptoms

  1. Do you get sudden attacks of sweating even when you are in an A/C room?
  2. Do you get anxious and panicy during that time?
  3. can you hear your heart beats loud and faster.
  4. Do you get irritable,emotional and weepy?
  5. Are you above 40 years of age
  6. Have your periods been irregular or stopped off late?
  7. All this or many of these could mean that your are going through menopause.

Homeopathic Approach

One of the most frequented cases in our clinic.Women suffer with this for months together and sometimes for years together.Homeopathy has wonderful treatment for reducing and stoping the physical and mental agony caused due to this hormonal shift.Homeopthy surely helps these women in tiding over the menopause peacefully. They report of reduction or total stopage of hot flushes,mood swings,discomfort before periods and all other symptoms after the treatment