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Irregular Periods

Number of women suffer from irregular periods.The periods could be either early or late,the bleeding could be scanty or profuse with clots,painful periods could be pain in the abdomen, or back with vomitings in and around the periods.

ABNORMAL causes of irregular menses

  • Fibroids in uterus- when there is a mass in uterus then menses may appear early and discharge may also be increased
  • CYST in ovary- may lead to delayed menses and facial hair growth . PCOD can be detected by USG abd scan
  • Frequent use of hormonal pills
  • Improper diet or malnutrition

MEDICAL evaluation should be done if menses is delayed by more than 60-90 days.

Homeopathic Approach

One of the most seen cases in the clinic is irregular periods . Patients vexed by taking hormones over a period of time come to us and we have been able to help them regularise their periods and solve whatever the underline cause for the problem.Homeopathy is one of the best option for irregular peiods.