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Fibroid Uterus

  • Uterine fibroids are the lumps/growths/tumours that develop from the smooth muscle layer of the uterus. They often appear during childbearing years(30s and 40s).
  • These growths are non-cancerous.There are three types of growths depending upon the region in which they are formed—under the surface of uterine lining(submucosal fibroid),just under the outside of the uterus(subserosal fibroid),within the muscle wall of uterus(intramural fibroid).
  • Cause of the uterine fibroid is unknown.It runs in the family.Their growth has been linked to the hormone oestrogen.As long as a woman is menstruating,a fibroid will probably continue to grow,usually slowly.After menopause,as the levels of oestrogen are less,they usually shrink or stop growing.
  • Fibroids may be single or multiple.Usually fibroids doesn’t cause symptoms .Some may cause severe to mild symptoms


  • Bleeding or spotting between the periods
  • Heavy and prolonged bleeding during periods,some times passes with blood clots.
  • Menstrual periods lasts longer than normal
  • Early periods,once in 15days or cycles for less than 22-23 days
  • Painful periods.causing Pain in the lowerback,pelvis,legs and abdominal discomfort
  • Sensation of fullness or pressure in the lower abdomen.
  • Pain during intercourse(depends upon the position of the fibroid).
  • Frequent or obstructed urination (large fibroid cause pressure on the bladder)
  • Pressure on the rectum causing pain during defecation.
  • Heavy bleeding during periods leads to anaemia,which causes tiredness and weakness.
  • During pregnancy ,they may be the cause of miscarriage,bleeding or premature labour.Sometimes fibroids can make it harder to get pregnant.

Homeopathic Approach

  1. What are have your treatment options been so far?
  2. What are have your treatment options been so far?
  3. Get the fibroid or the uterus removed surgically?

Homeopathy definitely helps in regularising the menstrual cycles. It helps if there is prolonged bleeding or spotting between the periods. Our homeopathic remedies have helped reduce the abdominal discomfort and pelvic pain that women experience. Initially with the medicines the size of the fibroid is arrested. Prolonged medication totally removes the fibroids.