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Eye Itching

  • The eye can itch due to many different reason. Most are because something is in the eye that shouldn't be. You may have gotten dust or other forgien matter into your eye, flushing your eye with cool water is the quickest way to see if this is the case, if you do get relief then more than likely, that was the cause. You shouldn't scratch your eye if you think you have something in it.
  • Another thing that can make your eye itch terribly and even in extreme cases needs surgery is eye lashes growing the wrong way. An eye lash can grow inverted, turning itself into the eye from the hair folical. This can be painful and cause the eye to water, itch, and swell.
  • You can get a sty that can cause your eye to itch, swell usually near the edge of the lid and become red, or dark red, especially if the sty becomes infected.
  • Allergies could cause itchy eyes as well. This can cover almost anything from, pet dander to plant pollen.You could also have pink eye. But the other symptoms of that will show.

Homeopathic Approach

Numerous patients have benifited by taking homeopathy for their itchy eyes.Itching in the eye is due to an allergy which might occur along with sneezing and running nose. Homeopathic medicines over a period of time stop the eyes from reacting to the allergin which has been causing itchy eyes.